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Are you a senior in high school or a recent high school graduate working in north Omaha or attending Fort Omaha MCC?  Please check out our new group that will be starting this fall in north Omaha that would be a safe place to discuss religion and faith and spirituality and justice, plus do fun events and service projects in the community.  We  already have one service project scheduled:  we will have a booth October 31 for the MinneLusa/Miller Park Neighborhood “Halloween on the BOO-levard!”

Nebraska Metro Omaha Campus Ministry (“NeMO” for short) is starting a group that will be called “NeMONorth”.  This would be a multicultural group that would welcome all young adults 18-30.  Pastor Jim Holthus is the Omaha metro Lutheran campus pastor who would help facilitate this group and Nyaboum Olieny is the Peer Minister who would do most of the outreach to students.  We will focus on young adults living and working in north Omaha and students at Fort Omaha MCC.

Peer Minister Nyaboum Olieny  and Omaha metro Lutheran campus Pastor Jim Holthus (PJ).  Text Pastor Jim at 218-760-2028 for info!

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